One-On-One Guitar Lessons Are The Most Effective Way To Learn

It seems that EVERYONE wants to learn to play the guitar. The guitar is an incredibly popular and accessible instrument. It runs deep in our cultural history, and is the icon of our pop culture.

While there are many sources to learn how to play the instrument; the internet, books, videos and dvds, nothing can replace sitting one-on-one with an experienced musician showing you the way. It’s the interaction, the reaction, the development of aural skills, and the interplay, that make guitar lessons the most effective way to learn.

Students come to see me for a variety of reasons:

•New students want to learn to play from scratch

•People who used to play are looking to get back into it again

•Some guitarists are experiencing technical issues, plateaus, problems with technique, inadequate musical vocabulary, physical limitations or creative dry spell.

•Some people want to learn to play in order to write original songs

•Some students are learning so they can play in church or in their youth or social groups

•A common reason that players come to see me is that they’ve been playing for a while and they don’t know what they know, or what they don’t know, so they don’t know how to move forward.

Customized Lessons For Students Of All Ages/For Professionals, Hobbyists, and Students

When students come to see me, we do an evaluation of their goals and skill level. It’s really more like a comfortable conversation about what music you like to listen to and what you’d like to be able to play. We’ll start learning to play on your first lesson. If you can already play, we’ll play a little together, and in no time I’ll know what you need in order to move forward. From there, we’ll make a plan.

Here’s some of my guidelines for good teachers:

• They want to know what your tastes, interests and goals are

• They create a comfortable, creative environment free of daily stresses

• They will make  you the focal point of the lesson

• They will write things down. They’ll help you to organize your notebook, study tasks, and your practice habits.

• A good teacher never stops being a good student. So they don’t forget what it feels like to be learning something new, and teaching it becomes a new experience each time.

I teach many styles of Guitar:

Acoustic Steel String

Acoustic Nylon String

Fingerstyle Acoustic

Electric Blues

Electric Rock

Electric Funk

Foundations of Classical

Foundations of Jazz

Music Theory

Improvisational Theory


Creative Musicianship

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